by Israel Drazin (Boca Raton, Florida) posted on August 11, 2011
5.0 out of 5 stars

This first book by Ben Lieberman received well deserved praise from many sources. James Patterson, for example, called the novel "a tightly-wound, well written mystery." Readers will find themselves being drawn more and more into the mystery as they read it, making it difficult to put it down. Patterson wrote that he read it in a single sitting.

The book is about Kevin Davenport, a 21 year old, whose father, a Deputy DA, died in an apparent hit and run accident. His mother was unable to face the calamity and sank into passive depression, leaving Kevin, then aged 11, to care for the two of them. They were soon quite poor.

But coincidences happen to Kevin that he uses for his advantage. Someone sees him playing basketball and gets him a scholarship to a prep school. While there he helps the son of a very influential man who promises to assist him later in life. He hurts his leg and is unable to get a scholarship to college, but he uses the opportunity to learn how to box. The man whose son he helped gets him a job at Kosher World, a meat processing business. He is mistreated at Kosher World, and given the worst jobs. He discovers an ex-CIA man working at the firm, who is hiding from the CIA. He finds out that the Kosher World employees are looking for a man to fight an illegal fist fights and volunteers. He discovers that crimes are being committed at Kosher World and a man is brutally murdered, his head is chopped off. He becomes mixed up in the crimes, and finds that they extend beyond the meat processing firm. 

Kevin begins to realize that he has a conscience and is able to think. He decides that he will help stop the crimes even though he is placing himself in danger by doing so.